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Product Information

Roasted Crickets are made from 100% roasted and milled crickets. There are no additives or hidden processes. All our crickets are farmed organically at 
our farm in Mississauga, Ontario.

Roasting the crickets brings three important advantages:

Non-Live Feed

Roasting the crickets transforms them into a feed with an extended shelf life. This also dispenses with the need to buy, store and handle live crickets.

Shelf Life

Roasted crickets store for at least 6 months if kept in a dry and cool environment.


Reptile digestive systems are used to processing whole insects/animal or large chunks of meat that have been ripped off. Milling the roasted crickets into chunks or a powder, makes it easier for reptiles to digest, and optimize the amount of nutrition it is able to absorb. Furthermore, milling breaks down the chitin (the cricket shells), making them easier to digest as well. Research shows that ingesting chitin promotes gut health and stimulate the immune system.

Roasting Crickets Vs. Freeze Drying

Roasting the crickets destroys all living bacteria and pathogens. Furthermore removing the cricket’s water content virtually ceases decomposition, and drastically extends shelf life. Our roasting process produces crickets suitable for human consumption (we actually sell edible crickets), and so you can be sure that our crickets are safe for pet consumtion.
Other brands of bottled crickets utilize a freeze drying process. Freeze drying is not as effective as roasting at removing water content. As a result, freeze dried crickets have a shorter shelf life and are not suitable for human consumption.


The nutritional breakdown is as follows:

Crude Protein (min.)   53%

Crude Fat (min.)         3.5%

Crude Fiber (max.)     3.8%

Moisture (max.)          5%


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Feeding Instructions

Roasted crickets are the preferred choice for pet owners who do not want the hassle or maintenance of live prey. Below are a few simple tips to help aid your reptile transition from live to roasted crickets. For whichever method you choose, please make sure the transition is gradual:

  • Start by adding a small number of roasted crickets to the current food for your reptile. Every few days, add a larger amount until the transition is complete. Be sure to add extra moisture into the environment to compensate for the loss of fluids found in live prey.

  • Mix roasted crickets with fruits or vegetables. Be sure to research the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables for your reptile before mixing, because some can be potentially harmful.

  • You can also mix roasted crickets with baby food (such as peaches or bananas).

  • If your reptile is tame enough to feed by hand, you can wiggle the roasted crickets in front of them to give the impression of live prey.


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